Ira Shapiro Global Strategies, LLC

Services Provided

Ira Shapiro, and the consultants with whom he works, have broad and diversified experience in international trade law and policy, and global government relations.   They all have distinguished backgrounds in government service.  The consulting services provided include:

  • Designing strategies to help clients achieve their goals in Washington and overseas.
  • Providing analysis of potential WTO legal claims.
  • Providing counsel in WTO disputes.
  • Offering analysis of, and strategy, for global government relations challenges.
  • Preparing White Papers and op-ed pieces in support of policy objectives.
  • Assessing bilateral, regional and multilateral trade negotiations for client opportunities and risks.
  • Providing advocacy in the U.S. Executive branch, on Capitol Hill, and with foreign governments.
  • Forming broad-based coalitions to achieve client objectives.
  • Serving as a mediator to help resolve disputes.
  • Providing second opinions on global trade and government relations strategies.